We provide solutions for all the stepsof telecommunication projects —microwave, mobile, power supply and HVAC technologies—from the initial engineering and survey stages to the preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.

With a team of engineers, on-the-ground and high-altitude technicians, calibrated instruments, our own fleet of vehicles, and specific tools and accessories, we offer technical solutions on the field, providing support for the expansion, growth, operation, and maintenance of telecommunication servicesas required and expected by operators and big users of infrastructure.

We have a specific team dedicated to managing contracts, preparing and supervising deliverable documents, providing support for project planning and coordination, obtaining permits and granted access to third-party locations, updating and following up insurance documentation and any other required documents, andcoordinating specific and general technical training activities.

Our Fiel Solutions:

Radiolink projects, both split and full-indoor configs
Mobile access network projects
Power plant projects
HVAC projects
Civil Works related to telecom and power plant projects
Expansion, de-installation, reverse logistics
Radiolink and access quality audits

Operation support: optimization, migration
Quality acceptance and delivery of full-indoor radiolinks
Mantenimiento y adecuación de infraestructura existente
Maintenance and adequation of existing telecom plant and infra
Maintenance of telecom equipment, systems and passive elements within overhead high voltage powerlines
Design and production of electronic equipment

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