For over 12 years, we have provided repair and testing services for base station modules withGSM and WCDMAtechnologies. In addition,we have recently incorporated a CORE simulator for next-generation LTE networks. Using this CORE simulator,we can recreate in our lab the actual operating conditions of modules in LTE radio access networks in order to test the qualityof our intervention and repair work.

Our testing services include all component sin LTE base stations ore Node B—transceivers, controllers or system modules, and its associated power supply systems. Our repair service team can perform component level interventions on LTE equipment, using automatic rework systems for BGA components. We also provide screening services, ON-OFF testing, and SW updates.

The equipment repaired by MELTA returns to the field with all its original factory specifications and functionalities.

We optimize and complement supply agreements for spare parts by vendors. And we offer maintenance and repair services for equipment that has been phased out by manufacturers.

All our repair works are guaranteed.

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