We carry out the entire power plant projects, including rectifiersconnected to the three-phase/single-phase networks, renewable energy solutions, and technical support for battery bank systems (lead-acid batteries, gel electrolyte batteries, and the new lithium-ion technology).

From the initial survey stages and project planning to final approval certificates of site compliance, we work on three-phase/single-phase rectifier installation, rectifier system calculation based on load analysis, battery system capacitycalculation based on estimated energy consumption and hours of autonomy required for the project, 3.5 to 20 Kv system installation, set up and configuration of entire rectifier systems including batteries, rectifier programming andadjustment (battery banks, load current, alarm systems), autonomy testing of previously installed battery systems.

In renewable energy solutions, we have work experience in solar panel systems, protection system installation, and alternate current conversion systems as required by the client.

We comply with and supervise the compliance by our employees of all health, safety and environment laws and regulations for workplacesby providing induction and systematic training, as well as performing on-site supervision and auditing processes.

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