Rapid evolution in information and communication technologies pushes operators, vendors, integrators, and users of telecommunication networks into a highly competitive landscapewith intense pressure on profit margins, making it necessary to optimize costs in all business areas. Eventually, as an unwanted outcome, this competitive dynamicends up affecting product and service quality and thus undermining customer/user satisfaction.

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Multivendor repair and testing lab

We are a leading company in developing and providing repair and testing services for multivendor electronic equipment in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay ...

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Field solutions

We provide solutions for all the stepsof telecommunication projects —microwave, mobile, power supply and HVAC technologies—from the initial engineering and survey stages to the preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.

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Our repair and testing services, as well as other technical activities involving support, maintenance and updates to network infrastructure help reduce the environmental impact usually caused by the electrical and electronic industries.

Our technical intervention results in a longer lifespan of equipment, reduced electrical and electronic waste, and optimization of financial, material, and logistic resources for operators and integrators.

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