Rapid evolution in information and communication technologies pushes operators, vendors, integrators, and users of telecommunication networks into a highly competitive landscapewith intense pressure on profit margins, making it necessary to optimize costs in all business areas. Eventually, as an unwanted outcome, this competitive dynamicends up affecting product and service quality and thus undermining customer/user satisfaction.

Melta develops and provides qualified technical and logistic solutions for operators and users of telecommunications networks, technology companies and integrators, electric power transmission and distribution companies, and the infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.

Repairing and testing fiber optic modules to restore them to factory settings, planning, installing, and setting up high-capacity radio relay link networks, or auditing the quality of LTE mobile stations are some of the most usual tasks undertaken by our highly qualified and dedicated team of engineers, technicians, and support staff (contracts and logistics).

With our own offices in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, we operate on a pan-regional scaleto offer our clients full support in all their regional needs.

At Melta, we bring together a solid track record, technical expertise and entrepreneurial drive to develop and deliver high-quality, competitive, and sustainable solutions to our clients.

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